What we believe in

Meritable is an independent procurement and legal service provider focused on the sectors technology, finance and life sciences. Our mission is to help companies buy the products and services that help shape their future. We founded Meritable to provide procurement and legal services that focus on customer service, quality and innovation. We help you find supply opportunities, decide on the right procurement strategy for your company and get better results. We help you implement the right change at the right time in order to adapt to market conditions and the supply chain. We help you change the supply game.

client focus

Customer focus

We are  here to help you. Meritable wants to be close to its clients, a reliable point in a changing world. This forms the basis for our client experience. We are convinced of the success of good and reliable service, simple solutions, customization only if needed and dedicated professionals who can make a difference.


Our services are there to make life easier for our clients. We strive to make the complex easier, tell the whole story and help clients to improve their business. This means that we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our quality. In addition to knowing what we are talking about, our expertise, our quality management focus is on continuously improving client satisfaction.


Innovation within Meritable is aimed at the client who wants to be in control and wants integrated procurement and legal services where needed. We want to facilitate clients with easy access to both category management and strategic sourcing soliutions as well as legal advice.

Sustainability or CSR

We do business in a responsible manner. Sustainability means for Meritable that we create positive impact for society with our core activities.

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Ask a question

Do you have a procurement question? Or do you have a conflict concerning a contract with a customer or supplier? Meritable is here to help you. Ask your question and we will answer you as soon as possible.


Chat with us

Do you have a question about our products or services? Our support expert can assist you via chat and help you choose your service options and possible follow-up steps.


Receive an offer

Are you looking for advice on an important procurement deal? Meritable is here to help you. A specialist will gladly assist you in preparing follow-up steps to get the deal you want. We will tell you in advance what our services will cost.