What we believe in

Meritable is an independent procurement and legal service provider focused on the sectors technology, finance and life sciences. Our mission is to help companies buy the products and services that help shape their future.

We founded Meritable to provide procurement and legal services that focus on customer service, quality and innovation.

We help you find supply opportunities, decide on the right procurement strategy for your company and get better results. We help you implement the right change at the right time in order to adapt to market conditions and the supply chain. We help you change the supply game.

Customer focus

We are  here to help you. Meritable wants to be close to the customer, a reliable point in a changing world. This forms the basis for our customer experience. We are convinced of the success of good and reliable service, simple products, customization only if needed and dedicated professionals who can make a difference. The service must be personal with quality results. This does not mean that our contact must be face-to-face. Meritable prefers to create a personal customer experience via online channels. Many customers prefer simple products and simple processes that they can understand and go through independently. Meritable provides various service options such as self-service, guided service or full-service.


Our products and services are there to make contracting suppliers easier for entrepreneurs. We strive to make the complex easier, tell the whole story and help entrepreneurs to improve their business. This means that we are constantly working behind the scenes to improve our quality. In addition to knowing what we are talking about, our expertise, our quality management focus is on continuously improving customer satisfaction:

  • We provide clear information about our products and services;

  • We handle questions, contracts and orders satisfactorily;

  • We ask customer feedback about our products and services;

  • We continually measure and monitor our customer processes.

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More and more customers want to be ‘in the lead’ themselves. This means that customers themselves actively search for information about services and then make the choice completely independent or want to be confirmed in their choice. Our self-service and guided service allows customers to be ‘in control’ themselves if they are willing to invest time and effort in arranging their procurement or contractual matters and consult the right information. We know from experience that these customers appreciate our expertise when they need it.

Innovation within Meritable is aimed at the customer who wants to be in control and wants help if needed. We want to facilitate clients with easy access to contract making, or advice at any desired location through various channels.


For us, integrity is not only expressed in a code of conduct on ethical business that we continue to follow. We only advise and sell those products that we also would like to buy ourselves. This is also reflected in a desire for transparency and simplicity. Meritable offers a transparent pricing model, so you really know where you stand.

The self-service and guided service have fixed low prices that the customer knows in advance. The full service is based on hourly rates, but in 80% of the cases we can give an estimate of the maximum costs in advance.

Sustainability or CSR

We do business in a responsible manner. Sustainability means for Meritable that we create positive impact for society with our core activities.

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