Meritable sees sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) as creating long-term value for our customers and our environment. It is part of the nature of our company. Sustainability is an inseparable part of our strategy.

The sustainability strategy of Meritable aims to integrate sustainability into our core activities. In this way we make a logical and measurable contribution to the sustainability indicators: environment, social, human rights and good governance, in the form of transparency in reporting and decent behavior. 

We do business in a responsible manner. Sustainability means for Meritable that we create a positive impact for society with our core activities. This means that we add both financial and non-financial value for our company, our customers and other stakeholders.

Customer focus

We look at what social contribution we can make in dealing with customers and improving our products and services.

Personal attention

We give our customers the attention they deserve. We are transparent and do everything we can to help the customer. Our services focus on and put the interests of customers first.

Responsible innovation

Requesting feedback about our products and services and self-reviewing products and services is in line with the innovative nature of Meritable. In this way we are sure that new and adapted products will put the customer’s needs first. Products are regularly viewed critically in order to intervene in good time if a product no longer meets the market or needs.


By listening carefully to customers, we make improvements based on their wishes and insights. We pay extra attention to clear product information. Customer trust is the merit of Meritable. In order to win and retain that trust, we clearly inform our customers. Only then can we help our customers further. Our customers expect us to be able to offer clarity, be expert, be transparent about the costs of our products, and offer professional services.

Satisfied? Only if you are.

Meritable makes every effort to help our customers well. We are only satisfied when you are also about our products and services.

Customer focus and you

How does our customer focus benefit you?

  • Meritable works on solutions that work for customers;

  • Meritable offers customers value for money;

  • Meritable requires feedback and regularly evaluates its products;

  • Meritable explains in advance the costs of its products.

Human rights

Human rights are an integral part of responsible business, especially for a company with purchasing and legal services. We act according to our sustainability policy. It is based on international conventions and guidelines, including the United Nations Guiding Princes on Business and Human Rights.

We respect and support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights, as described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations. We promote the freedom from discrimination based on, for example, race, nationality, gender, religion and age and strive for equal opportunities for everyone.

Human rights and you

What does human rights mean in concrete terms?

  • We respect compliance with all laws and regulations that apply to the employment of children;

  • We respect the right of employees to choose work freely and reject the application of forced labor;

  • We respect the right of employees to unite and collectively negotiate their terms of employment, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;

  • We respect the equality of all people and will treat our employees equally and refrain from taking decisions directly or indirectly based on people of a particular race, origin or religion, with a certain disability, of a particular gender or with a certain sexual orientation, trade union membership or political preference or age or benefit from it;

  • We respect the integrity of our employees. We will refrain from enforcing the discipline of work physically or psychologically. We will ensure that our employees stay in a working environment where this, as well as unwanted intimacies, does not occur;

  • We ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding working hours and wages, including laws and regulations for minimum wages, maximum working hours, safety and overtime.

Corporate governance

We are led by honesty, integrity and fairness and expect the same attitude from our clients. We intend to act with integrity towards our stakeholders, including individuals, organizations and legal entities that are involved in, have an interest in or are influenced by our activities. We will act in a sincere, careful and reliable manner in all business activities.

Corporate governance concrete

What does corporate governance mean?

  • We will provide acceptable payment terms to our suppliers and subcontractors.

  • We will only use data relating to our customers for legitimate purposes.

  • We comply with laws and regulations.

  • We will not engage in any activities that are intended to mislead government bodies or third parties and will not engage in the provision of services in relation to funds obtained from crimes.

  • We will fight corruption, including extortion and bribery.


From the point of view of the environment, we want to keep our footprint as small as possible. We provide our services online. We use green energy, flexible office space and use mobile and working from home. Our digital first strategy drastically reduces the need for business trips and reduces paper consumption to zero. Meritable buys sustainable. For us, sustainable purchasing means that our products and services are not harmful to people and the environment.

Environment concrete

What does this actually mean?

  • We respect the environment and sustainability. We comply with environmental laws and regulations and take reasonable measures to limit or prevent damage to the environment.

  • We take initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility in the environment in which we operate. We encourage the development of environmentally friendly technologies.

  • Our policy includes the objective of achieving continuous improvement of the use of energy, raw materials and water, emissions and waste and limiting the use of environmentally unfriendly technologies.

  • We have an environmental management program with which the environmental care is integrated and secured within the operational management.


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