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What does Meritable mean?2018-01-03T16:21:56+01:00

Meritable means meritorious. We chose this name because we like to help people with the conclusion of better deals and contracts. We help entrepreneurs by looking beyond the legal risks. We are looking for continuous improvement of the added value of products and services that our customers purchase.

Which payment methods can I use?2018-01-03T00:36:13+01:00
How do I buy a Meritable product or service?2018-01-02T23:50:56+01:00
What is Meritable?2018-01-03T16:18:55+01:00

Meritable Services B.V. is a private company with limited liability, with offices in The Hague, The Netherlands at Koningin Julianaplein 10, 2595 AA, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 67793568, established under Dutch law. Meritable develops applications and technology aimed at providing business services, including procurement and legal services, as well as providing such business services.

How do I buy a product or service with my existing account?2018-05-31T17:00:59+02:00

You can select the services at the website and during checkout you can login to your account.

Do you have a phone number?2018-05-31T16:58:10+02:00

Our office phone number is: +31 (0) 708 918 475, office hours 9:00-17:00 hours (Amsterdam time).

How do I become a customer?2018-05-31T16:56:26+02:00

At Meritable you arrange legal and purchasing matters as you want: online via mobile or computer, but it can also be done in the traditional way. At Meritable, we want everyone to make the best possible deal. Easy and with expert help. Through the service that suits you. To become a customer you order our products online or book an appointment with an expert. At the payment screen we register you as a customer.

I can not find my contract I drafted, where is it?2018-01-03T00:21:12+01:00
Where can I download products?2018-07-11T22:13:24+02:00

When you order a service, we send you an email with the deliverables. We also store any project deliverables in your account. You can view the status of your project in your account dashboard and view an overview of your orders.

I can not log in to my Meritable account?2019-01-09T17:09:24+01:00

Please retrieve your correct account credentials via the lost password procedure.

I have not received any login details?2019-01-09T17:09:16+01:00

Please use the forgot password mechanism to retrieve your login details.

How do you provide support?2018-07-11T22:07:21+02:00

We provide technical support for the services we provide in accordance with our support policy.

We have two support packages for providing procurement or legal support to companies.

How do I get legal assistance for any of my contract changes?2018-07-11T22:20:52+02:00

We provide legal services to assist you in all contracting matters. Simply make an appointment online, or request a quote for legal advice for your project. Our contract management service provides support to incorporate contract changes to your agreements.

On which areas of law does Meritable advise its customers?2018-07-11T22:49:12+02:00

Meritable provides legal services for commercial contracts, labour law and IT/IP law.

Which procurement segments does Meritable have experience with?2018-01-03T16:17:02+01:00

Meritable has experience with the procurement segments marketing, HR, professional services, business services, IT and facilities.

Where can I go if I have a GDPR request?2018-05-31T16:47:01+02:00

There is a separate privacy tab on your account page where you can submit your privacy request.

I do not agree with the answer to my GDPR request2018-06-27T22:01:38+02:00

If you do not agree to the anwser to your GDPR request it is best to simply contact us via one of our contact options in order to discuss the matter.

You can find the contact options at our contact page. Fill in the contact form to file your complaint.

Contact us

You can also login to your account to provide a response to your data request.

I have additional questions2018-05-31T16:49:48+02:00

You can just contact us. The contact information and business hours can be found on the contact page.

How can I cancel my newsletter subscription?2018-05-26T00:27:25+02:00

We only send newsletters after obtaining your explicit consent to do so. An option to cancel the newsletter subscription is provided at the end of all newsletters you receive from Meritable.

Why do I have to verify my email address?2018-05-26T00:25:58+02:00

By verifying your email address, we make sure that no-one else is using your email address behind your back and that it is really you who is using Meritable services. User identification is a requirement in data protection. 

If you don’t receive the verification email, please request a new verification email. Make sure the message has not ended up in your spam folder. If you don’t receive the verification email even after requesting a new message, please contact our Service Desk.

If you do not verify your email address, unfortunately your account will first be locked and later deleted if still unverified.

How is the data protected?2018-06-01T22:12:52+02:00

Meritable protects the data by using technical, physical and administrative security measures designed to prevent unauthorized access to Meritable systems. For example, we use encryption techniques, pseudonymization/anonymization, and other security technologies and our servers are protected by firewalls. You can read more about our security measures here.

When do I hear from you when I have submitted a GDPR request?2018-05-26T00:22:09+02:00

Normally you will receive an answer within 30 days. In many cases we can answer you faster or you can view, modify and / or download data directly via the dashboard. If it turns out that we need more time, you will hear from us as soon as possible.

How can I exercise my GDPR rights?2018-05-31T16:48:53+02:00

You can view, modify and download your data via the dashboard. You can request your data or request removal via our request page on your account page.

What are my privacy rights?2018-05-31T16:14:43+02:00

The GDPR grants you the following rights:

What does the GDPR change for me?2018-05-29T21:45:54+02:00

Some things are unchanged. You can still request access to the data that we process from you. In addition, a number of rights have been added to you. You can not only view your personal data, but you can adjust your data, you can download your data and you can request or delete your data. You can do all this yourself via your dashboard when you log into our website. We have adjusted the Privacy Policy and Service conditions in compliance with GDPR.

Who are data controllers, processors and sub-processors?2018-06-01T22:08:50+02:00

Controller is the entity or person that determines purposes and means of processing personal data of the EU resident. The processor simply processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

The GDPR applies to both data controllers and processors. Controllers collect data from the end-user that is the EU resident, for purposes clearly stated and with appropriate consent. Data processors provide services to the controller in accordance with each controller’s instructions.

Finally the category called sub-processors or third-party businesses performing data processing for other companies are also accountable for protection of personal data.

What do you need my information for?2018-05-29T22:44:28+02:00
Where do you store my personal and business information?2018-11-12T11:34:49+01:00

Meritable is a Europe-based company that offers and supports services in Europe. Our client and project data is encrypted and stored on servers located in the EU (The Netherlands) on secure world class data storage platforms from Google. All the suppliers involved in providing Meritable services to our customers are chosen carefully. You can review the list of these vendors upon request.

What happens if I do not give the consents to use my personal data?2018-05-25T23:32:28+02:00

If you withhold any of the mandatory consents, you won’t be able to use our services anymore, and your account and data will be deleted after the record retention period has passed. We will notify you by email two weeks before the deletion, and you still have a chance to give the consents and cancel the deletion. We will retain records of transaction details and services performed for the required legal record retention period.

If you want to withdraw any of the consents once you have given them, you can always do so on the account dashboard page. However, please note that this will prevent you from using some or all of our services while you may still be required to pay the fees based on terms of our agreement.

The consent to receive marketing messages is voluntary, and it does not affect your use of our services.

What consent do I need to give?2018-05-25T23:35:27+02:00


  • Consent to use your personal information as client details: name, function, email, location and adress. This is information that you give us when creating a client account. We use it to provide you with accurate professional advice.

  • Consent to handle your personal and business data for performing the services, which may contain personal data, such as details of signatories to a contract or personnel in a project. Your business data makes up the input that the experts need to provide you with our services. In Meritable’s case business data refers to contract data, supply chain performance data, business plans and financial data, in other words data on the products and services you bought in the past or may buy in the future.

  • Consent to transfer data on your website visits outside the EU for security checks. via USA servers of Defiant Inc. in order to get data like the latest URL’s from the Google Safe Browsing list, to verify source code integrity and to check if a domain is a known source of spam or infections. For this purpose we occasionally send aggregated data to secured Defiant servers for analysis when detecting spam, malware or attacks. This data can not be used to de-anonymize a site visitor, client or project.


Consent to send marketing messages. We want to bring to your attention new features, service enhancements, updates and ways to get the most out of our services, as well as inform you about new services and exclusive offers of Meritable services. You can withdraw this consent at any time and this will have no impact on your Meritable services or account use.

What do you mean by processing personal data?2018-06-01T21:58:44+02:00

Processing is a concept from privacy law. It is a very broad concept. It is all about what you can do with personal data, ranging from collecting to destruction. The GDPR defines the processing of personal data as any processing of personal data or a set of personal data, whether or not carried out via automated procedures, such as such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

What are personal data?2018-06-01T22:02:41+02:00

Personal data is information that tells something about you or that we can relate to you. It is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. You share personal information with us if you are a customer or if you have contact with us. Think of your name, telephone number, IP address or e-mail address, or your bank account details for buying services. It can also be an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of you. In short, it concerns all data that we can, directly or indirectly, relate to you. Are you self-employed, do you have a sole proprietorship, VOF or partnership? Then we see you as a person with regard to the GDPR since we process data that tells us something about you, directly or indirectly.



Our team is fully dedicated to providing exemplary customer service and delivering high quality services.

Our team is continuously improving our service quality as part of our company’s Quality Management System.

At Meritable, we have implemented our quality policy in our day to day operations. We strive to provide our customers with products and services that meet and even exceed their expectations. We are committed to continuous improvement and – our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our products and performance.

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