Support Policy

Welcome! Our support policy is explained below.

Thank you for purchasing a Meritable product. Providing support for customers who buy products and services is important to us and we strive to make your support experience as good as possible. We do our best to provide you with support for the products you have purchased within the framework of our support policy.

Support is not included for our Self-Service products. If you still want support, we offer paid support for this. For a fee you can still upgrade and receive support.

Search documentation, frequently asked questions or our support articles to find answers on our Support page. Open a support ticket, if necessary. To open a support ticket it is necessary to log in or register.

What is covered by support?

  • When purchasing our services, you have the possibility to include and extend the support period once to 12 months from the purchase date.
  • Our support contains our availability for providing support via the support ticketing system on your My Account page.

  • Our support includes answering general questions about our services and deliverables.

What is not covered by support?

  • Contract drafting

    Rewriting clauses or contracts. We offer this service as a premium service option with the products on our website. You can order this service through our shop.

  • Legal Consulting or Legal Outsourcing are not part of our support package.

  • Keeping your deals up to date

    As part of support, we do not provide contract updates for maintaining compliance with legislative changes, case law or other developments. You can use the contract management service for this.

  • Third party products

    Solving problems with our products in combination with products from third parties, such as the use of our contracts with other conditions or the use of our terms and conditions in third-party products is not part of our product support. Solving problems with your hosting, server environment, problem analysis or helping with solutions for your hardware or software.

  • Implementation

    Executing or supporting the implementation activities of our products is not part of our support.

  • Customization

    Delivering customized solutions or adjustments to standard products is not part of our product support. For this you can use the products in our shop with the service option full-service.

Our Service Desk can not do the following

  • Provide personal data of employees, customers and / or suppliers, such as contact details, locations, etc.

  • Provide information about safety measures. You can go to our what we do page for this. Here we explain what we do to protect your data.

  • Access your computer, server and / or remote support software.

  • Schedule a specific time for handling support tickets using screen sharing and / or remote support applications.

  • Give guarantees about our support services.

  • Answer technical questions about the built-in functionality of our websites and / or software used.

  • Signing of NDAs or other agreements for gaining access to a website or computer.

Support hours and service levels

We do our best to follow up and monitor support tickets as soon as possible during regular office hours. Due to differences in time zones or outside office hours, this is not always possible. Our response times can therefore vary and last up to 24 hours on weekdays or 48 hours during weekends, but the response times are usually significantly faster.

Your question

We answer your question within 3 working days. If more time is needed, we will inform you within 1 working day.

Your quote

You will receive the requested quote within 2 working days. If more time is needed, we will inform you within 1 working day.

Your complaint

If you are not satisfied, you can file a complaint with our service desk via [email protected] We will handle a complaint within 5 working days. If more time is required for a careful treatment, we will inform you about the expected handling date within 5 working days.

Terms of delivery of products and services

You can find the delivery times per product and service on the product pages elsewhere on our website. In consultation with you we can agree on a different delivery period. Our Service conditions apply to the provision of our products and services.

How do I get access to support?

You can find answers to frequently asked questions on our support page, in the FAQ, knowledge database or by one of our support articles.

To make use of support via our Service Desk you can log in and create a support ticket. You can create a support ticket via the My account page, under the tab Support tickets. You can also open a support ticket with the relevant order at the order overview. On the Account page you can check the status of your support ticket under the tab Support tickets. We also inform you via email about the status of your support ticket.

Support is not included for our Self-Service products. If you still want support, we offer paid support. For a small fee you can then upgrade to support.

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