Negotiations Support

Negotiation is a decision-making process in which parties make agreements with each other and represent their own interests. Our focus is on achieving an optimal negotiation result while creating a good working relationship. It can be used for making a deal or resolving a conflict with a supplier. We can assist firms with negotiations strategy and preparations, negotiations support and assisted negotiations or coach negotiators to increase their performance.

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We provide a comprehensive set of tools for effectively planning for an upcoming negotiation and executing it according to plan. You may want to negotiate to share or divide a limited resource, to create something new or to resolve a problem or dispute with a supplier.

Create something new - negotiations

Create something new

Use our negotiations support services for a structured and tailor-made approach in negotiating innovative projects and partnerships. Do not set your new venture up to fail when choosing the wrong negotiations strategy and tactics for innovative projects or partnerships. Get your share in value while maintaining a good working relationship in order to overcome challenges not yet known at the start of the venture.

  • Are you looking to start a new supplier relationship, cooperation or business partnership in order to outsource services or a business function?

  • Do you want to initiate innovation with a partner and are the results not yet set?

  • Are you aiming at incorporating technological changes with an IT supplier and claim its benefits while mitigating its risks?

Get your Resources

Use our negotiations support services to get the best deal possible for your company. Most deals are closed because companies simply need products or services for their operations. The products and services you buy are often not your core business, so expertise and experience in buying these products or services may be lacking. Meritable can guide you with these transactions in order to achieve the best commercial outcome, get the supplier performance you need and minimize the risks associated with the contract.

  • Get your resources from the right supplier, at the right costs, place, time and quality.

  • Are your goals not aligned or in conflict with the goals of your supplier?

  • Do you need access to a supply of fixed or limited resources in fierce competition with others?

  • Are you looking to maximize value from a single yet important supply deal?

Resolve a conflict - negotiations

Resolve a conflict

Our negotiations support services may assist you in resolving a conflict with a supplier. We use conflict resolution strategies and negotiations in order to prevent litigation and damaging the relationship with the supplier. Conflict resolution via negotiations is an important tool for businesses to ensure objectives can still be met. Our negotiations support focuses on applying techniques to establish positive communications, build mutual understanding, find successful alternatives and build relationships.

  • When your supply contract no longer fits your business goals, you may wish to renegotiate terms or terminate the contract?

  • Resolve and manage supplier performance issues to get back on track.

  • Manage contract related conflicts without resorting to litigation.

How it works

We identify concrete and measurable goals in terms of costs, price or a specific outcome, procedural goals to shape the agenda as well as intangible goals that drive negotiations. We list goals to achieve in the negotiation and rank them with a priority among the goals and identify possible trade-offs between goals. We integrate your organization’s major targets, policies, and project planning into a plan to accomplish your goals in the upcoming negotiation and the actions needed.

We get to know the other party, understanding how you and the other are similar and different, and we try to build commitment toward achieving a mutually beneficial set of outcomes.

We learn what we need to know from the other party and stakeholders. We define the issues and bargaining mix, analyze the other party and their needs, the feasibility of possible settlements, and assess the best alternatives in case of no deal.

We exchange opening offers and start making moves from the initial, ideal position to the actual outcome. You may want to negotiate to share or divide a limited resource, to create something new or to resolve a problem or dispute with a supplier.Dependent on the nature of the negotiations we may take a different approach ot bargaining and problem-solving.

We document the agreement properly, build stakeholder commitment to the agreement reached and determine who does what once the deal is closed. Our team understands the commercial objectives that drive a deal as well as the legalese involved in writing it all down.

Why Choose Us

  • Committed: your commercial goals are what drives us.

  • Creative problem-solving to reach agreement on solutions that work.

  • Tailor-made service based on your siutation and goals.

  • Experienced and expert negotiatiors.

  • Industry knowledge, commercial and legal depth.

  • No surprise billing afterwards.