Our legal support desk service is designed to truly assist company owners, directors and managers of small and medium sized companies with the legal support they need to deliver results faster. Meritable provides you with access to our legal support desk at affordable prices. Subscribers can call on us when needed for a fraction of the price of hiring an attorney at law.

Every company encounters legal issues in several areas that require expedient answers to legal questions. Large companies have inhouse legal departments dedicated to solving these legal matters. Now you do not have to spend time looking for these answers, invest in an inhouse department or pay expensive attorneys to provide the answers you are looking for. You can rely on the legal expertise and comitted service of our legal support desk. You can contact us with all your legal questions.

We provide continued backup of experienced and qualified legal expertise. For a fixed monthly fee you have access to our legal support desk. It helps you focus on growing your business and building stronger relationships with your customers instead of searching for legal answers.