Contract Management Services

We provide contract management services to help ensure the contractual obligations are met by the supplier. We align our contract management services with your regulatory requirements and business goals. Our contract experts are available to help you lock in and retain the value of your deal with category and industry knowledge and contract management best practices.

Depending on the type of contract we can tailor a contract management service based on the value and risk profile involved, from a notification of pending renewals and rebates, to fully managing contract compliance, supplier performance and reporting.

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The following activities may be part of our contract management services. Get a quote for your specific requirements.

  • Contract registration and on-boarding

  • Contract scan and tips on improvement of documentation

  • Contract repository maintenance

  • Contract risk assessment

  • Category-specific metrics and scorecards

  • Sustainability and security surveys

  • Performance and compliance tracking and reporting

  • Tips on optimization and cost management

  • Performance improvement plans

  • Contract renewal notifications