Security is an important part of our way of working. We want you to feel confident that using our services does not require you to compromise on security of your business’s data.

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We want to be clear about what you can expect about our shared responsibility for protecting and managing your data.

How does our security programme benefit you?

  • Know where Meritable stores your data;

  • Control what happens to your data;

  • Know that security is an important aspect in everything we do.

Vulnerability management

Meritable has a vulnerability management process that scans for security threats using a combination of commercially available tools, testing, quality assurance and software security reviews. Once a relevant vulnerability has been identified, it is logged, prioritized according to severity, and work started on fixing the problem.

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Security and you:

How can I trust that the data I submit remains confidential and secure?

When you submit business data on our website we encrypt the data. You can verify that you are sending the data to Meritable by the green lock and the Meritable name in the adress line of your browser.

You control how your data is used and shared. We share information on what’s happening with your data. Visit our privacy page for more information on the processing of personal data.

Security and you:

How can I trust your website is secure?

You can always check whether any malware or phishing threats have been identified by McAfee by simply clicking on the McAfee trust seal in the left corner at the bottom of your screen.

Malware, virus and phishing prevention

An effective malware attack can lead to data theft, and possibly additional access to your business data. Meritable takes these threats to its services and your business data seriously and uses a variety of methods to prevent, detect and eradicate malware. Meritable’s malware strategy begins with infection prevention.

Malware and phising protection

Meritable uses, among others, McAfee’s anti-malware and anti-phishing solution to investigate Meritable’s websites for malware and phishing threats. You can always verify whether any malware or phishing threats have been identified on our websites by simply clicking on the McAfee trust seal in the left corner at the bottom of your screen.

Anti-virus tools

In addition, Meritable combines several commercially available security services that analyze our devices, code and files enabling the identification of viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malicious content detected by its antivirus scanners.

Monitoring and incident management

Meritable’s third-party security monitoring tool gathers information from website traffic, which is inspected for suspicious behaviour. It prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, in order to keep our websites available.

We have an incident management process for security events that may affect the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of systems or data. Events that directly impact customers are assigned the highest priority. If an incident involves customer data, Meritable will inform you as a customer and support investigative efforts via our service desk.

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Security and you:

How can I trust my payment details remain secure?

You can use one of our secure payment options via your own trusted bank or payment provider. Every transaction is encrypted using encryption technology.


Privacy is an important aspect of every product or feature launch. We review design specifications to ensure that privacy requirements are met. We protect the privacy of our customers by keeping you in control, and continually evolving security features, in order to comply with data protection laws. Read more on our privacy page.

Meritable conducts an active risk management policy. The integrity of our own organization is an integral part of the quality of our services. We devote time and attention to maintaining integrity in the sense of careful, understandable behaviour on our part.

Meritable has a clear anti-bribery policy. This policy discusses how to deal with gifts, hospitality and spending, government employees and civil servants, political contributions, charitable contributions, donations and sponsorship.

Meritable engages only reputed third-party suppliers to provide security or infrastructure related services. Prior to onboarding third-party suppliers, Meritable conducts an assessment of the security and privacy aspects of third-party services to ensure they provide a level of security and privacy protection appropriate to the data and the scope of the services involved.

Our services are accessible in Australia, Canada, the European Union, Greenland, Iceland, India, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Vatican city. Meritable’s services are not accessible in other jurisdictions. This choice restricts access from jurisdictions where Meritable is not active, but may hinder access to our sites when traveling to these countries.

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