Increase Your Purchasing Results

Do you wish to improve performance, lower costs, leverage innovation and consistently deliver on your promises to clients. Our procurement consulting services span category planning, category expertise, contract services and negotiations support.

We can guide you in procurement strategy, realising step-changes in business performance and finding savings opportunities for direct and indirect spend categories.

Category Planning

How can you design your outsourcing relationships and services to achieve your goals and get maximum value from your supply chain?

We work with customers to make plans that lead to a breakthrough in the performance of their supply chain, in terms of cost reductions, faster innovation, improvement in quality or operational efficiency.

A focused approach to planning lays the foundation for identifying opportunities and managing risks. We help our clients in the structured development of category plans in both direct and indirect spend categories. We help with a critical business analysis and provide relevant feedback on market trends.

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Analysis - category planning
meeting - advice - category expertise

Category Expertise

We can support your firm on single project assignments, such as implementing specific legislative requirements, sourcing more sustainable products and services, reducing total cost of ownership, boosting supplier production output, finding innovative products or international supplier sourcing.

  • Marketing & communications

  • Business Services

  • IT & data

  • Professional Services

  • HR & Educational services

  • Facility Services

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Contract Services

We help you move from a handshake or agreement on business terms with a supplier to a signed contract. We can draft, assess and record commercial agreements in the right manner in order to control risks and retain the value of the initial handshake.

Meritable’s contracting services help you reduce the time from handshake or term sheet to a fully signed agreement, while reducing contract risk and ensuring you still get the best possible deal.

Meritable can assist to get the deal done right on a vast range of contract arrangements from NDA’s, cooperation agreements, investment arrangements, complex projects, outsourcing or insourcing business services to complete service portfolio sales.

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Negotiations Support

Negotiation is a decision-making process in which parties make agreements with each other and represent their own interests. Our focus is on achieving an optimal negotiation result while creating a good working relationship via our negotiations support.

  • Negotiations strategy and preparations

  • Negotiations support and assisted negotiations

  • Coaching of negotiatiors

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Procurement Outsourcing

You want to obtain the most value from your supply chain. We provide procurement outsourcing services from category management, strategic sourcing, contract management and a sourcing support subscription via our Deal Desk.


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Category Management

Improvement initiatives that help you unleash your strategy

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Strategic Sourcing

We dig deep to help you get those strategic sourcing results

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Contract Management

Lock in sourcing benefits and improved supplier performance

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Deal Desk

Get help for your sourcing challenges for a flat fee.

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